Alu die cast
Release time:2021-09-07

Produktgroup: Aluminium Die-Cast

Die Casting is an industrial casting process for the large scale production with identical design. Die Casting material is low-melting-point metal, such as Aluminum, Zinc or Magnesium.

The special feature of the Die Casting is that you could follow your own inclinations to make any flexible shape and design from the mould. Die Casting has the advantage to provide us consistent products and the most competitive price, other manufacturing methods, e.g. Metal Stamping is difficult or impossible to fulfill. That's why most star bases are produced by Die Casting process. Due to there is with certain cost of setting up the production machines and mould as well as heating up of the tools at the beginning of production, certain minimum quantities are necessary for customer-specific products. The subsequent refining process after Die Casting, especially grinding and polishing, requires great craftsmanship to makes 

every series part unique. In large scale mass production for a series of products, we consider to invest on automated robot polishing technology.