Quality Check

Have you suffered from the costly quality complaint in global purchasing?


There are thousands of companies offering quality check in the market. They offer very nice price for their service. But they may not understand your product or know your production technic. And you get a report full of pictures from the spot check goods. Is this kind of superficial report on the selected samples what you like?


We are different! We know your product. We don’t just look to the superficial problem, but we involve ourselves into the production procedure, technic, product engineering and supplier shortcomings. We give proposal of economic solutions. Only in this way we can secure stable quality in whole batch of production and deliver in future continuously improving quality.


It would be nice when you involve us as early as possible. With our whole service package you get benefit of less quality risk and reduction of costly complaint during international purchasing.


A systematic inspection may be carried out on different phase as below, which helps on-time corrective action before finishing complete production:

1. Pre-Production Inspection

2. Trial-production Article Inspection

3. During Production Inspection

4. Final Pre-shipment Inspection

5. Container Loading Supervision


Checklist of inspection:

1. Product specification check

2. Material

3. Measurements check

4. Aesthetic, surface check

5. On-site function check and testing

6. Quantity verifying

7. Packaging (carton or pallet) & Labels & markings check

8. Select samples and send to third party if necessary


In house test if necessary, test capability:

1. Vertical static load test

2. Side static load test

3. Impact test

4. Rotation cycle test

5. Corrosion test

6. Packing drop test

7. Glider drag test

8. Powder adhesion test

9. Hardness test