Factory Audit

Before placing order or supplier selection, lot of purchaser may have concern:

Are everything which I got from supplier true?

Can I make decision based on the limited online information?

Does this supplier match to my expectation?

Isn’t it too expensive and time consuming to visit every supplier?


GETACS factory audit gives you cost effective and timely solution. We help internationally operating corporations to understand their suppliers’ organizations and manufacturing processes in order to bridge potential gaps between sales arguments and practices on the production site. Our factory audits are a systematic and independent examination of your supplier’s management, organizational, operational and quality systems, along with the protocols defined in the sort of audit of your choice. Seeing is believing and we are horned to be your eyes!


GETACS service portfolio for Factory Audit includes:

1.      Factory profile, including registration license, establish year, history, sales market, number of employees, workplace conditions, machine maintenance etc..

2.      Organization Structure. Details like whether factory has ability of engineering or enough manpower for quality control in different steps.

3.      Production Process. Details like which steps are produced in-house, which steps are sub-ordered.

4.      Production Capability. Details like which step is operated by which machine etc. Find out what are factory’s speciality.

5.      Production Capacity

6.      Facilities & Machinery

7.      Quality assurance system & related certificates

8.      R&D

9.      Special Requirements from Client