Engineering & Development

GETACS product range covers a broad range of segments. Functionalities can vary from furniture leg to advanced fitting solutions. We believe that extensive product and material know-how on furniture, fittings or metal part are our key for success. Years of production and management experience and contacts at top manufacturers means we can provide our clients with the creative support that will take their product lines further than they imagined. There’s nothing more satisfying than bring an idea to real products and finding ways to make it even better. That’s what we love to do.

A big part of our business are OEM Parts which we transformed, from the first sketches of our clients, to a real product which are finally a part of famous product from our well known clients. We are proud to be an important and creative element in such a development process.

Another remark can be about tools, for our OEM Division and for our own developments. Meanwhile we have development over 200 tools for different production technologies, like:

Die-cast aluminum and zinc

Plastic injection molding

Punching tools

Bending tools

Metal deep drawn tool

Extrusion aluminum

Plastic deep drawn tool

Progressive tools

Our team in China work with advanced CAD software: Auto, CAD, Solid Works, PRO-E, Catia, Autodesk –Inventor. We don’t just focus on sample, we also develop tools, checking gauge or jig for mass production. We work deep into the material features, production steps and ensure seamless transition from sampling to stable mass production.