Deep Drawn
Release time:2021-09-09

Product group: Deep Drawn

Stamping (also known as pressing) is the process of forming a sheet metal blank (plate, panel) into a hollow body which open on one side by pull-and-press method.

Deep drawn is one of the most important sheet metal forming processes and used in both mass production and small-batch production. We offer some selected star bases in this 

production way. The design is very close to the die casting technology.

Stamping is usually done on cold metal sheet. Cold-rolled plate has smooth surface, it is the fundamental factor for high gloss chrome finishing, it's even brighter and smoother than aluminum die casting. With the finishing “brushed nickel” and the varnishing with transparent matt paint, we can achieve a similar appearance as stainless steel brushed, however,

 at lower price. The welded substructure which is necessary for the absorption of force, is located below the deep-drawn

 part. No welding seams is the most advantage for deep-drawn products, it enables us to produce a perfect visible surface on star base arms.