Lost wax casting
Release time:2021-09-09

Product knowledge: lost wax casting

Lost wax casting is a kind of precision casting. It can obtain relatively accurate shapes 

and high accuracy. The common method is to first make the electrode of the required shape, and then with this electrode we corrode the mold to form a cavity. Then with casting 

method we cast wax to obtain the original wax mold. Stick high-temperature-resistant liquid sand layer by

 layer on the wax mold. After obtaining sufficient sand coating thickness, dry it, and then heat it to melt the wax mold inside and obtain a cavity consistent with the required shape. Then 

cast molten steel in the cavity, peel off the shell after solidification, you can get a precision manufactured finished product!  Further processing is possible, for example heat treatment,

 CNC operation, drilling, surface treatment etc..  A wide range of carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel are available based on customer's specifications.

Advantage of this product group is high dimensional accuracy and good part surface. It is possible to produce complex shape and avoid welding or assembly. The part performance depends on selected raw material can be very hard, heat resistant, abrasion resistant or corrosion resistant etc.. Meanwhile the mold investment is low, therefore it is very flexible in 

part production quantity.