Metal Spinning
Release time:2021-09-09

Product knowledge: Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning is also known as spin forming. It is a process where a tube or a disc of metal is rotated at a high speed, and is transformed into an axially symmetrical object in shape of cylindrical, conical, parabolic or other various curves. This is usually done using a vertical or horizontal lathe. This process can be performed using CNC, hydraulic power or by hand.

Manual spinning by hand is labor intensive technique. It is most cost effective in mould or machine investment, therefore flexible in minimum order quantity. A stable production reply a lot on experienced worker skill.

CNC spinning and manual spinning in the product forming process is the same. The clamping force is provided by the tail pusher, which drives the material to rotate with the spindle. The spinning wheel makes the material from point to line and from line to surface according to the predetermined tool path. The machine controls the path of wheel during the forming process, and the gap between the wheel and the mold. Compared with manual spinning, CNC spinning machine has bigger force, it means it can produce bigger or thicker base; and it is more stable in the accuracy of mass production.